Covid 19: Information by Deutsche Messe

Covid 19: Information by Deutsche Messe

According to the current assessment of the authorities, there is no risk to events on the Deutsche Messe exhibition grounds. All trade fairs in Hannover will take place as planned.

The safety and health of all employees, customers, partners and guests is a top priority for Deutsche Messe. We are therefore in constant and close contact with the responsible health authorities. Recommendations and instructions from the authorities are implemented.

For a more objective discussion of Covid-19 we refer to the websites of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

According to the assessment of the Robert Koch Institute and the Hannover Region Health Department responsible for Deutsche Messe, the risk of infection in Germany is very low.

Regardless of the current situation, Deutsche Messe already offers a high standard of hygiene, safety and medical care.

Despite the very low risk, Deutsche Messe will increase cleaning measures for heavily frequented areas (entrances, door handles, escalators, etc.). For example, additional disinfectant dispensers will be set up on the exhibition grounds. During events, medical personnel trained in infectious diseases will also be on hand on the exhibition grounds.

Deutsche Messe is in close daily contact with the safety and health authorities. Particularly on the days of the event, we regularly assess the situation at regular intervals.

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